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The Senior Citizen Community & Caregiver Guilt

Caregiver guilt, not to be confused with caregiver burnout, occurs when caregivers believe they are not doing enough for their loved ones. Caregiver guilt is a formidable force. No matter what you do, you may feel like you should be doing more. But the truth is guilt serves no one. It does not help your loved one and it certainly does not help you. Here are some tips to help you let go of some of your caregiver guilt. When your loved one moves into a senior citizen community such as Providence House, the transition can be difficult.  

The decision to seek additional support for daily living is not an easy one to make and can often feel like an insurmountable task. However, when caring for your loved one at home becomes potentially dangerous because of safety concerns, or when it’s just too much for you to manage, a senior citizen community is a solution many families choose. When you take on the job of caregiving, you have an enormous responsibility to maintain the health and safety of your family members. You are trying to balance the time and financial commitments of caregiving on top of work, life, family, and other responsibilities. You are making complex decisions about situations you have never anticipated and never encountered before. At the same time, you’re grieving the loss of the loved one you remember and the relationship you shared, as you come to terms with this new reality.  

Even if you’re sure you have made the right choice, it’s common for family caregivers to feel guilt, sadness, and a sense of loss afterward. If you don’t find healthy ways to deal with these feelings, caregiver guilt can cause additional stress, anxiety, and in some cases even depression. Caregivers often put a lot of pressure on themselves. They feel bound to a sense of duty and doing what they consider right. And this is often not what serves them or the one they care for. Caregiver guilt can cause you to become stuck in a valley of should’s, would-haves, and could of’s.  

If you find yourself overwhelmed with caregiving, it may be time to consider the benefits of a senior citizen community. for the senior you love. The staff at Providence House in Brighton, Ma provides individualized assistance with personal services like bathing, dressing, and grooming. If necessary, your loved one can also receive help with medications, housekeeping, and personal laundry services. Most importantly of all, this is a place where your loved one can thrive and you can feel good about, alleviating any guilt you may feel about easing your caregiving role. You can rest assured your loved one will experience kindness and comfort at every moment, as Providence House is a senior citizen community designed for residents’ happiness. We offer appropriate activities, social engagement, and nutritious, chef-created dining to keep residents fulfilled every day.  

When you can finally let go of how you thought it was supposed to be you will begin to find peace. There may be some lingering guilt, but if you choose to get the help you need and you have support from others on a similar path the journey will be easier. And you will be able to alleviate most of the caregiver guilt you have been carrying around. 

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