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Healthy Aging

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Simple lifestyle changes for seniors in 2023.

As Seniors, healthy aging is something we all want to prioritize. So, let’s make simple lifestyle changes for seniors in 2023 essential!
While genetics can play a role in how we age as seniors. Making simple lifestyle changes can encourage healthy aging.

These changes can include:

  • eating a well-balanced diet
  • working out regularly
  • doing things that keep your mind active
  • and spending time with other people.

Our goal as trained and professional staff at Providence house is to help seniors maintain simple lifestyle changes that will improve their well-being as they age. We support and encourage an active senior lifestyle.

Which lifestyle is healthy for Seniors?

A Question you may often ponder upon as a senior!

The answer is No one-size-fits-all, as every senior’s needs and circumstances differ. However, as a senior if you follow the tips below, you could live healthier lives and enjoy your bodies as they age like fine wine.

5 Tips for Seniors’ Healthy aging in 2023

  1. Staying physically active: Regular exercise is crucial for seniors’ health and well-being. It can help improve strength, flexibility, and balance and reduce the risk of falls and other injuries.
  2. Exercises at least twice a week and walks help balance the heart health.
  3. Staying socially connected: has a myriad of benefits for seniors, including reducing depression, helping them to stay cognitively active, and providing a sense of purpose.
  4. Sleeping enough: Seniors’ physical and mental health depends on getting enough sleep. Aiming for 7-9 hours of sleep each night is essential to aid their bodies’ repair and renewal.
  5. Avoiding stress: Long-term stress can have a negative impact on a senior’s health. Some stress control strategies include deep breathing exercises, yoga, tai chi, or relaxation techniques like meditation.
  6. Practice good hygiene: Basic hygiene practices like washing hands frequently can help seniors stay healthy. Also, keeping up with recommended screenings and vaccinations is paramount. In addition to these activities’ physical and mental benefits, they also offer seniors a chance to build relationships with others in their community.

Seniors with limited mobility or balance issues may need equipment like walkers, canes, and wheelchairs to ensure their safety while remaining active. In addition, some seniors may find it helpful to have an exercise plan tailored to their needs and stay active by going for walks, swimming, gardening, and doing other fun things.

How can we help?

At Providence House, 2023 brings a lot of exciting opportunities for seniors!

We are here to support seniors in making simple lifestyle changes that will help in healthy aging. With the help of our experts, we can efficiently monitor seniors’ health and well-being.
We offer a range of services to help seniors maintain a healthy lifestyle, including access to exercise programs, mental health support services, educational workshops on managing stress and maintaining mental health, and access to home care services.

Now is a perfect time because we are currently accepting new residents. Explore our services to learn more about what we do, call 617-731-0505 or email us at providencehouse@coreypark.com.

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