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Living an Active Senior Lifestyle

Senior Lifestyle

As we age, maintaining an exercise regimen is incredibly important. An active body can help sustain an active mind and prevent diseases like arthritis, cancer, and diabetes, just to name a few. At Providence House, we support and encourage an active senior lifestyle. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, seniors should be getting 150 to 300 minutes (about 5 hours) of moderate-intensity exercise per week. For older adults especially, this activity should include balance training and muscle strengthening. 


Seniors that have chronic conditions that limit their physical capabilities should try to get as much low-impact exercise as they are able to each day. All senior’s physical abilities look different, so it’s important to be aware of your senior loved one’s limitations when suggesting an exercise routine. The trained and professional staff of Providence House are well equipped to assist your loved ones with adding exercise and fitness to their senior lifestyle. 


Most importantly, it is never too late to start. It’s important for an older adult who has never maintained a regular exercise routine to start easy and set goals along the way. Whether you start a walking club, join a gym, or simply track your steps, every day is a good day to start being active and live a fulfilling senior lifestyle. We at Providence House suggest these exercises to help keep you fit and healthy.  



Although not technically an exercise, warming up, cooling down, and stretching are vital to any routine. Stretching routines for seniors allow the joints to move through the full range of motion prior to exercising. Stretching can also improve flexibility and prevent injuries. 



Walking is an excellent low-impact aerobic activity! It helps strengthen the cardiorespiratory system over time and should make up a large part of a senior’s weekly exercise. 



Swimming laps in a pool or even just wading is an even lower-impact aerobic exercise than walking. This is a great alternative for older adults who want to get their hearts pumping but may have joint issues or arthritis. 


Yoga and Pilates 

These two practices are beneficial to seniors because they focus on the core muscles. Ranging in intensity, both Yoga and Pilates engage the legs, abdominals, hips, and back to improve posture, balance, and build lean muscles. 


Fitness Tracker 

An activity tracker is a wearable, wireless device that records your daily physical activity. According to a national study, fitness trackers have been successful in helping adults increase activity. Especially as we age, being active is important to help combat the increased risk of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, and obesity.  

Living a healthy and active senior lifestyle is one of the goals we strive for at Providence House. We want all seniors in our community to live their best lives and create lasting moments. For more information on our activities and exercise programs please contact us today!

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