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Senior Housing with Providence House

   Many factors go into picking just the right senior housing community for our aging loved ones, but an important one often gets overlooked. Access to proper care can decrease the number of ER visits for our loved ones. Emergency room visits place seniors at risk for picking up other contagious diseases and can make recovering from an illness or injury lengthy and emotionally taxing for both seniors and their families. We at Providence House of Brighton, MA understand that knowing how senior housing communities help to prevent senior hospitalizations gives families a starting point for making the best choices for their loved one’s care plan. 


Prevent Fall-Related Injuries 

   An overwhelming amount of senior emergency room visits is due to falls within their home. For seniors with limited mobility, even a simple step can turn into a major fall hazard. Senior housing environments are designed specifically to prevent falls. From having grab bars in the bathroom to ramps and skid-proof floors, a senior is less likely to fall when they live in the safest environment possible. 


Notice and Monitor New Symptoms and Illnesses 

   Many senior housing communities, such as Providence House, offer around-the-clock care that may often include nurses and other trained professionals. Finding out that a senior has a temperature or is vomiting in the middle of the night means that they may be able to receive care to treat their symptoms before things get out of hand.  


Medication Management 

   Medication mix-ups are another leading cause of senior hospitalizations. Seniors with memory loss tend to benefit from being in an environment where a caregiver can help remind them when to take their medication. Senior Housing caregivers are also great at watching out for unusual side effects from new medications. 


Post-Hospitalization Care 

   Many seniors choose to move to senior housing communities after they experience their first significant hospitalization. Seniors working on their recovery following an illness or major injury may need assistance with getting out of bed or making meals at first and trying to do that in a home where they live alone is dangerous. Catching developing issues early can often prevent hospital readmissions. 


Support for Chronic Health Conditions 

   Diabetes, heart disease, and COPD are just a few of the health issues that seniors may have as they age. A senior might need help planning nutritious meals that fit their dietary requirements. Or they may need someone to help remind them about upcoming health maintenance appointments and make sure that they have transportation to get to the doctor. Having these types of support available helps seniors to manage their chronic symptoms so that they don’t lead to an emergency health event. 


Encourage Better Overall Health and Wellbeing 

   Living alone often leads to isolation, and this can cause seniors to give up on taking care of their health. Senior Housing communities have activities in place to keep seniors busy and help them meet new people. From going for a walk with another resident of the community to talking to a caregiver about their favorite memories, each day spent in a supportive environment motivates seniors to keep taking care of themselves so that an emergency health problem is less likely to happen. 

   At some point, every senior needs a little assistance to maintain their health and happiness. Providence House produces an environment where their needs are met with the goal help seniors sail through their golden years with the support, they need to avoid frequent visits to the emergency room. For more information on care plans and assistance for your aging loved ones, please contact us today!

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