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COVID Safety at Providence House

At Providence House Assisted Living, the health and safety of our residents and staff is our top priority. Our staff are extensively trained on standard procedures and protocols for the prevention of the spread of infectious diseases. As the Coronavirus pandemic reaches a recovery phase, we are building on our enhanced safety and cleaning protocols to create an environment that helps seniors prevent effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To that end, we’re implementing new care pathways and focusing on helping seniors manage the social and emotional aspects of a world changed by the virus. All our residents in our senior living community— current, new, or returning — can anticipate receiving an elevated level of care based on guidelines established by the CDC. We are taking considerable steps to slow the spread and prevent future illnesses within our community.

Our senior living community and care teams have expanded our care protocols for helping residents manage during the trying times of the pandemic. For residents within our facility as well as their family members, the CDC has laid out guidelines on how to ease the spread of COVID-19 and we at Providence House utilize these guidelines to their fullest extent. We have put protocols in place that increase the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces, educating our residents on proper hand washing and sanitizing techniques, and health screenings of all team members, healthcare partners, and any others as they enter our facility.

With the quarantining and social distancing encouraged to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and its variants the potential feelings of isolation can increase, especially for those in senior living communities. Oftentimes seniors struggle with feelings of isolation being in an unfamiliar environment without immediate access to their loved ones. The trying times of the pandemic only exacerbates these feelings. At Providence House, we care deeply about not only the physical safety of our residents but also their emotional well-being. Family and friends are an invaluable part of our residents’ lives, and there is nothing that can replace visiting a loved one in person. When state and local restrictions allow, friends and family are welcome to visit their loved ones at our senior living community. Visits may be outside or inside the community, depending on applicable state requirements. We do ask when you socialize to follow CDC guidelines, observe social distancing, and wear masks when possible.

Activities are a crucial aspect of life in our communities, whether you’re gathering to learn a new skill, watch a performance, play a game or get some exercise. With that in mind, we have begun to resume communal activities in most communities. Within our senior living community, you will be able to participate in larger social gatherings and activities, as well as social outings outside of the community, provided that social distancing is followed.Any form of contact can help lift their spirits and ease feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you find your loved one suffering from depression or isolation, please reach out to the Institute of Aging’s Friendship Line for additional help and resources. We at Providence House thank you for your continued trust and faith as we care for you and your loved ones within our esteemed senior living community.