Murder Mystery Night at Providence House Assisted Living
What to Expect at Providence House

Many people wonder what they will do every day when they make the move to Providence House. The answer is: whatever you want! Moving to our active senior living community. means you get to keep doing everything you already love in life, plus you have the opportunity to try out new activities. At Providence House, our goal is to give our clients the highest quality of life possible. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by fostering meaningful connections and engagement amongst our residents. This means attention to detail both within our active senior living community and out on the town. The events are exclusive and you’re always on the list! Providence House proudly hosts a substantial number of events throughout the year to entertain and delight all residents. Connect with neighbors who share your interests during happy hours, game nights and more. There’s never a dull moment around the fun-loving friends you already have, and the ones you’ve yet to make. At Providence House, we believe in putting our residents’ needs at the center of everything we do. That is why we have developed programs that revolve around YOU – your health, your happiness, and your well-being.

As an active senior living community, we want to keep our residents engaged and living their best lives. What better way to do that than community events! To give you a taste on the kinds of events we offer we will delve into a resident favorite event. Here at Providence House on of our most popular events is a classic Murder Mystery! Residents select their characters and dawn their personas. Throughout the evening they put their super sleuth skills to the test to decipher clues, use their intuition to question the other residents, and like true detectives they crack the case. Residents are encouraged to dress the part and really get into the event, making it all the more fun. By the end of the night the bad guy is discovered, and everyone relishes in their detective accomplishments. This is just one of the many fun and exciting events you have to look forward to in our active senior living community.

Another activity that is near and dear to our residents is our yearly Veterans Day event. Providence House proudly supports our veterans, some of our residents being veterans themselves. We take pride in holding this event to honor those who have sacrificed for the better of our country. In this event, veterans are offered the opportunity to tell the story of their military experience. All residents and their families are welcomed to listen, learn, and enjoy while we honor our veterans.

No matter your preference we offer activities to meet every need and lifestyle at our active senior living community. Holiday parties, social mixers, exercise programs, learning classes, and religious services, we have it all. The social calendar fills up fast at Providence House in Brighton, MA. You can be sure you will always know when the next community outing, lifelong learning event, happy hour, or holiday celebration is happening.