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Fall Prevention, Elderly & Senior Living

As we age our bodies naturally change and these changes can affect the way we feel, move, and behave. A fall can have a devastating and lasting impact on a person as well as their loved ones, resulting in injury, chronic pain, and even a reduced quality of life. Even without an injury, a fall can cause an older adult to lose confidence and reduce their activities. At Providence House, safety is our utmost priority. Taking steps to prevent falls is an integral part of our senior living community; From the floor plans we design to the dedicated staff we employ, we ensure every precaution is taken to avoid falls. The good news is that there are actions you too can take to prevent falls. 

  • Exercise to strengthen muscles and improve balance 

At Providence House, we believe in active and healthy senior living. Engaging in physical activities such as walking or simple exercises will strengthen your muscles and help increase flexibility and endurance. Strength and balance exercises can also benefit you if added to your routine. You will find that your balance and gait will improve and reduce the risk of a fall. Regular physical activity can also have a myriad of health benefits

  • Calcium-rich diet to improve bone health 

Our bones tend to weaken as we age. When our bones are weak, they tend to break more easily. By taking enough calcium-rich foods every day, you can keep your bones strong. This includes low-fat high-calcium milk, sardines, and cheese. Getting an adequate dose of vitamin D from sunlight also helps to keep bones healthy. By keeping your bones strong you can reduce the likelihood of a fall. Part of our goal to encourage healthy senior living is providing delicious and vitamin-rich meal plans suited to every taste.  

  • Wear non-slip shoes when possible 

It is important to select footwear that gives you a secure footing on the ground which thus reduces your risk of slipping. Non-slip soles are essential for a good grip. Ensuring that your shoes are comfortable and well fitted can help to prevent future injuries. 

  • Review your current medications with your doctor 

If you happen to take many different types of medication, you should consider a visit to your doctor for a review at least once a year. Some medications might affect your coordination or balance, or cause dizziness, confusion, or sleepiness, which may increase your risk of falling. If you find this task to be a bit daunting, the staff within our senior living facility is there to help with medication management and appointment visits.

Providence House Assisted Living in Brighton cares deeply for the safety of each of our residents. By creating a facility centered around compassionate care and healthy senior living we ensure our residents are in the best hands. With our dedication to you and these tips, you can reduce the risk of falls and continue living a healthy and full life with us here at Providence House. 

Thank you for your interest in our community.  

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